PoultryPlus provides quality Eggs & Poultry for your Enjoyment!

About Us

We are a small, backyard producer of eating eggs, hatching eggs & live birds. We began with our first chicks & ducks in early March 2012 & now have a wide & varied flock including, but not limited to: Assorted Silkies,   Assorted Cochins, Old English Game Bantams, White Ameraucana Bantams,  Easter Eggers/Olive Eggers,  Call Ducks, and Indian Runners just to name a few.Contact us here.


We provide eating eggs from both chickens & ducks, pure & mixed breed hatching eggs, and live birds of various ages for sale. 

We provide hatching service for YOUR eggs for $1-10 per egg depending on incubator space available, egg size, special condition requirements & incubation period length. Quail are $.75 each & Button Quail are $.50 each. All eggs are HAND TURNED 3 TIMES PER DAY!!!


Fertility has been confirmed & we are currently hatching eggs from our birds. We are now NPIP Certified OH 31-586.


Live Birds

CHICKS, POULTS & DUCKLINGS (straight run unless otherwise noted)
Assorted pure & mixed chicks 6-10 weeks old $5-10

Olive Eggers, LF & bantam
Easter Eggers, LF & Bantam
Coturnix Quail
Naked Necks
Mixed layers
Mixed Bantams

***There could be as few of each breed as 1-2 or over 24 per hatch***

4 Silkies (hens non-bearded: black, buff & red; bearded roo: blue) $20 each or $70 for quad

Hatching eggs of Silkies, Bantam Cochins, rare colors, fri22les/si22les or SQ stock
Rabbit/chicken cages in good condition
Chicken Tractors
Pet Taxi's or small cages
Welded Wire/Hardware Cloth/Chicken Wire
Quality Call Duck hens
Bantam Cochin Hens
SQ Silkie Hens
Additional Items Related to Poultry/Animal Care-just ask

I can also get ducklings, doves, pigeons, pheasants, turkey poults, peafowl & goslings in with 24-48 hrs notice when in season.

Eating Eggs

Call or e-mail for current availability.

Hatching Eggs

(shipping costs are additional as applicable)

Old English Game Bantam (pens separated by color)- $20 for 6

Assorted SQ stock Silkies, Showgirls & Sizzles- $25 for 6

Assorted Color SQ Indian Runner Duck-$25 for 6

Call Duck- $20 for 6

Cochin Bantam (smooth & fri22led)- $25 for 6

 PoultryPlus@ymail.com  /  Bellaire, Ohio 43906 |  (330)275-6694


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